Who am I?

My name is Sebastien Wains.

I’m a solution architect / technical presales at Red Hat, the leading provider of enterprise open source solutions.

My background is mostly infrastructure but I’m interested in helping organizations in their DevSecOps journeys.

My current focus and areas of interest are DevSecOps, automation, infrastructure as code, security and containers.

I’ve been Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) since April 2007 and Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) since March 2019.

My certification ID is 110-643-822.

Expiration dates are often in motion for RHCA. The badge might not be the latest :D

A bit more about me

Infrastructure Nerd

I like building simple, fast, powerful, resilient, secure and automated infrastructures. Preferably based on open tools and protocols. I care about security and privacy (without specifically being an expert).

Automation Nerd

I automate things whenever I can! I’m a big fan of IT and home automation tools. I’ve used many: Ansible, Terraform, SaltStack, Node-RED, Home Assistant, Domoticz, Automagic, MacroDroid, etc.

Linux Nerd

I’m a heavy keyboard user and as such, bspwm is my current window manager. I wrote about my bspwm desktop environment. Before that I’ve used i3wm for about 6 years and wrote about it here. I use Ulauncher with workflows to automate things around the desktop and around the house.

Besides computers

When I’m not busy at the computer, I travel, hike, ski, watch IT Crowd, camp out and take photos.


I’m an INTJ: INTJs are known as the “Systems Builders” of the types, perhaps in part because they possess the unusual trait of combining imagination and reliability. ~ Marina Margaret Heiss

Talks and conferences

2017-04-20: I talked about SaltStack at Jeudis du Libre conference. Check my Github for the decks.

2020-06-10: I talked about Red Hat Consulting Services and Ansible at Ansible Automates EMEA 2020.

2022-03-29: Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes at Open'22 by Kangaroot in Antwerpen

2022-05-31: Ansible Automation Platform live demo at Ansible Automates 2022 in Vilvoorde

About this blog


This site has gone through six major design revisions and went full static in 2015:


It currently runs on top of a single node Kubernetes and local storage, with ArgoCD automating deployments and stuff.

I run many services next to the blog, justifying Kubernetes.

Top Post

The blog post that has and keeps dragging the most visitors is my article about Tcpdump advanced filters:


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