Ubuntu + HP Omnibook XE3 + Orinoco

I run Ubuntu on a HP laptop recently bought on eBay.

The model is a Omnibook XE3. It has a Celeron 750 Mhz CPU and 192 Mb of RAM, a 10 Gb hard drive and a TFT 13” screen.

Installation of Ubuntu on this machine went pretty well, not a single issue during the installation. The whole hardware has been detected and installed without any glitch.

For wifi connectivity, I bought -from eBay as well- an Orinoco silver card, automatically detected as using the orinoco firmware. That’s probably the best card you can get if you want a very good reception.

My access point is a Linksys WAP54G bought on LDLC.be, probably the best piece of hardware you can get (at least version 2) as an AP.

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