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Install CentOS from the web

This could work under Fedora and other RHEL flavored distributions...

  • Download the first CD of CentOS

    Edit March 31 2006 :

    I found out you can avoid downloading the full first CD (See

    This directory contains image files that can be used to create media capable of starting the CentOS-4 i386 installation process.

    The boot.iso file is an ISO 9660 image of a bootable CD-ROM. It is useful in cases where the CD-ROM installation method is not desired, but the CD-ROM's boot speed would be an advantage.

    To use this image file, burn the file onto CD-R (or CD-RW) media as you normally would.

    The diskboot.img file is a VFAT filesystem image that can be written to a USB pendrive or other bootable media larger than a floppy. Note that booting via USB is dependent on your BIOS supporting this. It should be written to the device using dd.

    Download boot.iso : Download diskboot.img :

  • Boot your machine using the CD

  • When asked, type "linux askmethod"
  • You'll be asked for the method to use : local, NFS, HTTP, FTP... pick up HTTP
  • After a few steps (language and input preferences), you'll need to setup your IP configuration, either by using DHCP or manually
  • You'll be asked the server and folder containing the installation files of CentOS : --> Server : --> Folder : /packages/centos/4.2/os/i386
  • The installer will ask some more questions and will start installing the OS downloading needed packages from the web !

Depending on your connection and options, it could take from around 30 minutes to several hours... It takes about 45 minutes to complete a workstation configuration (around 2.5 Gb installation uncompressed) using a DSL 3.3 Mbps line