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'HOWTO : Proftpd + mysql authentication (virtual users) + xinetd'

Compilation & installation

wget []( yum install pkgconfig mysql-devel rpm -ihv proftpd-1.2.10-8.dag.src.rpm rpmbuild -ba --with-mysql /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/proftpd-1.2.10-dag.spec

For the lazy asses out there, this is the compiled version : wget []( rpm -ihv proftpd-1.2.10-8_mysql.dag.i386.rpm

User configuration

groupadd -g 5500 ftpgroup adduser -u 5500 -s /bin/false -d /bin/null -c "proftpd virtual user" -g ftpgroup ftpuser

Building the MySQL database

mysql -u root -p create database proftpd_auth; grant select, insert, update on proftpd_auth.* to proftpd@localhost identified by 'password'; use proftpd_auth; CREATE TABLE ftpgroup ( groupname varchar(16) NOT NULL default '', gid smallint(6) NOT NULL default '5500', members varchar(16) NOT NULL default '', KEY groupname (groupname) ) TYPE=MyISAM COMMENT='ProFTP group table'; INSERT INTOftpgroupVALUES ('ftpgroup', 5500, 'ftpuser'); INSERT INTOftpgroupVALUES ('ftpgroup', 5500, 'ftpguest'); CREATE TABLE ftpuser ( id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, userid varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', passwd varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', uid smallint(6) NOT NULL default '5500', gid smallint(6) NOT NULL default '5500', homedir varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', shell varchar(16) NOT NULL default '/sbin/nologin', count int(11) NOT NULL default '0', accessed datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', modified datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', PRIMARY KEY (id), UNIQUE KEY userid (userid) ) TYPE=MyISAM COMMENT='ProFTP user table'; INSERT INTOftpuserVALUES (1, 'guest', 'guest', 5500, 5500, '/home/ftp/guest', '/sbin/nologin',0,'',''); exit;

ProFTPd configuration file /etc/proftpd.conf :

`ServerType inetd < -- needed to run proftpd from xinetd DefaultServer on PassivePorts 49152 65534 <-- passive ports range needed for passive transaction ServerIdent on "" <-- could be anything, here it is turned on with no message (the most secure), if you set it to off, it'll show proftpd ServerAdmin me DeferWelcome on <-- secure Port 21 Umask 022 MaxInstances 10 User nobody Group nobody DefaultRoot ~ <-- it will jail the users UseReverseDNS off AllowStoreRestart on <-- allow file resume

Directory AllowOverwrite on

Restrictions, set to your needs

MaxClientsPerHost 2 "Two clients by hostname max" MaxClientsPerUser 1 "Only one connection per user allowed" MaxClients 15 "Too many users, please try again later" MaxHostsPerUser 1 "Only one host per user allowed" MaxLoginAttempts 5 "You've reached the max. login attempts" TransferRate RETR 45

Logs options

TransferLog /var/log/proftpd/proftpd.xferlog LogFormat default "%h %l %u %t "%r" %s %b" LogFormat auth "%v %P %h %t "%r" %s" LogFormat write "%h %l %u %t "%r" %s %b" ExtendedLog /var/log/proftpd/proftpd.access_log WRITE,READ ExtendedLog /var/log/proftpd/proftpd.auth_log AUTH auth ExtendedLog /var/log/proftpd/proftpd.paranoid_log ALL default

I still need to set up a logrotate script...

MySQL options

The passwords in MySQL are encrypted using CRYPT

SQLAuthTypes Plaintext Crypt SQLAuthenticate users groups

used to connect to the database

databasename@host database_user user_password

SQLConnectInfo proftpd_auth@localhost proftpd password

Here we tell ProFTPd the names of the database columns in the "usertable"

we want it to interact with. Match the names with those in the db

SQLUserInfo ftpuser userid passwd uid gid homedir shell

Here we tell ProFTPd the names of the database columns in the "grouptable"

we want it to interact with. Again the names match with those in the db

SQLGroupInfo ftpgroup groupname gid members

set min UID and GID - otherwise these are 999 each

SQLMinID 500

create a user's home directory on demand if it doesn't exist

SQLHomedirOnDemand on

Update count every time user logs in

SQLLog PASS updatecount SQLNamedQuery updatecount UPDATE "count=count+1, accessed=now() WHERE userid='%u'" ftpuser

Update modified everytime user uploads or deletes a file

SQLLog STOR,DELE modified SQLNamedQuery modified UPDATE "modified=now() WHERE userid='%u'" ftpuser

RootLogin off RequireValidShell off`

xinetd configuration file /etc/xinetd.d/xproftpd :

`service ftp { socket_type = stream wait = no user = root server = /usr/sbin/in.proftpd log_on_success += DURATION USERID log_on_failure += USERID nice = 10 disable = no }


  • To make sure MySQL receives your queries, add : /etc/my.cnf : log=/var/log/mysqld.log

Restart mysqld

  • You can always connect to proftpd using linux user accounts, if you want to disable access to users, just add their usernames in /etc/ftpusers

  • You can either set password in clear or encrypt under the database, both will be accepted

This guide is widely based on [] I stripped out the quota part of their guide since I didn't need it