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TV out on Nvidia displaying in black and white with scart & S-VHS

I've been scratching my head for a while on this issue but I finally found a fix ! I tried about anything, knowing it used to work a while ago (like 2 years from now with older drivers).

My Nvidia Geforce 2 MX 440 was displaying a black and white output when using a S-VHS (or S-video) cable plugged into my scart TV

My drivers : ForceWare Release 80 Version: 81.98 Release Date: December 21, 2005 WHQL Certified

OS : Windows XP SP2

Peritel The scart plug

S-VHS cable Connectors from the S-VHS cable

The $10 fix : get a coax cable, it'll work on coax...

The $0 fix : - Set the video card to display using "clone mode" - Set the TV as the main display

Then right click the TV icon and go to advanced settings for the TV format :

Set the output as composite even though you actually use S-VHS :

It should work now !

Edit Feb. 6, 2006 : the $0 trick no longer work with my new GeForce 6200 due to some different drivers implementation :( The $1 trick available at []( worked great for me ! :D :D :D Give it a go if the software/drivers trick does not work for you

Edit Sep. 8, 2007 : new link for the $1 trick