Introduction to SVN - importing a new project

This post is aimed to those (like me) who can easily forget the SVN syntax :

Create a new repository : $ svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /home/user/svn

Suppose you have an existing project you wish to import in SVN : $ svn import /path/to/project/ file:///home/user/svn/project -m 'Initial import'

Checking out your project : $ svn checkout file:///home/user/svn/project /home/user/dev/project

A version controlled copy of the project is now available under /home/user/dev/project/

You can remove /path/to/project/ as soon as you are sure the version controlled copy is there.

You can start working on your project under /home/user/dev/project and issue the following to commit changes to the SVN repository : $ svn commit -m 'Your comment here'

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