Installing Modsecurity


Modsecurity is an open source web application firewall for the Apache server that helps to keep the malicious people at bay. To install Modsecurity, first install the package: httpd-devel (yum install httpd-devel) [as root]. Next, execute the following commands (as root) to install and configure Modsecurity:

cd /root


tar -xvzf modsecurity-apache_1.9.4.tar.gz

cd modsecurity-apache_1.9.4/apache2/

/usr/sbin/apxs -cia mod_security.c

The last line of the compilation should read: activating module ‘security’ in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, indcating that modsecurity is successfully built and installed.

Delete the downloaded package by executing the commands [as root]:

cd /root

rm -rf modsecurity*

Next, get the Modsecurity rulesets and install them. Execute the following commands to fetch and install the rulesets [as root]:

cd /etc/httpd/conf.d/





tar -xvzf apache2-gotrootrules-latest.tar.gz

mv apache2/* .

rm -rf apache2/

rm -rf apache2-gotrootrules-latest.tar.gz

Next, restart Apache to read the new rules. Execute the command: /sbin/service httpd restart (as root) to restart Apache.

The rules are updated very frequently, so keep updating them to get the latest protection.

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