tcp_wrappers ACL for your SSH server


Among the many protections you can set to restrict connections to your server, there’s tcp_wrappers that turns out to be pretty useful.

Edit /etc/hosts.sshd Put into this file all the IP’s, hostnames (avoid this as much as possible) or ranges allowed to ssh into the machine

E.g : 10.0.0. 66.77. *

Edit /etc/hosts.allow

Add this line at the beginning : sshd: /etc/hosts.sshd

Add this line at the end : ALL : ALL : spawn (/usr/sbin/safe_finger -l @%h | /bin/mail -s “Port Denial - daemon %d hostname %h IP %a” root; /bin/echo %a » /var/log/port.denial.log) & : DENY

Edit /etc/hosts.deny

sshd: ALL ALL : /var/log/port.denial.log

At any SSH attempt from an unauthorized person, the IP will be logged into /var/log/port.denial.log, meaning a ban to life unless you remove it from the log file.

You’d get a warning email along about the failed attempt

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