Tool of the day - iptstate


iptstate provides live iptables monitoring

iptstates shows all iptables activity in a top-style display:

IPTables - State Top Version: 1.3 Sort: SrcIP s to change sorting Source Destination Proto State TTL,3834,123 udp 0:00:28,3822,123 udp 0:02:53,3828,123 udp 0:02:47,43496,22 tcp ESTABLISHED 119:59:59,57252,8080 tcp ESTABLISHED 29:43:53,57505,80 tcp ESTABLISHED 3:48:32

iptstate has a number of useful commands, such as setting the refresh interval, sorting by different columns values, resolving domain names, and a number of interactive commands to use while it’s running. Read the fine man page to learn them all.

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