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date: 2006-11-08 15:55:35+00:00

'Subversion : svn+ssh:// : No repository found'

categories: - Linux - Versioning

You can use "svn checkout svn://hostname.tld/project/" but you can't check out your projects using svn+ssh:// ?

Let's clear things, svn+ssh:// doesn't require svnserve to run on the server as a daemon or through (x)inetd to work.

svn+ssh:// is only doing some kind of scp connection to the server. That's why you need to USE ABSOLUTE PATH WHEN USING svn+ssh

Usage :

svn only svn checkout svn://hostname.tld/project/

svn+ssh svn checkout svn+ssh://hostname.told/full/path/to/project/