Postfix - deliver emails to the same mailbox from several virtual domains


Let’s say you own several domains :

**Your default domain : **

The domain you registered to protect your trademark, copyright, brand, etc :

Let’s say all these domains point to the same MX server.

We assume your original email addresses are

What if people try to send to ?

What follows is how to setup Postfix to automatically redirect emails to the original domain without headache (no need to setup redirecting aliases on the parked domains).

We assume the virtual domain is correctly configured and running under Postfix.

Edit /etc/postfix/ IGNORE

postmap /etc/postfix/

Edit /etc/postfix/ IGNORE

postmap /etc/postfix/

Edit /etc/postfix/ virtual_alias_maps = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/path/to/original/virtual/domain, hash:/etc/postfix/, hash:/etc/postfix/

Now if people send emails to

–> the email will always reach the inbox of John Doe on

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