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date: 2006-11-14 23:33:58+00:00

'SpamAssassin : "prefork: child states" meaning'

categories: - Linux

I start SpamAssassin with 2 children and set the maximum children to 10

This is how I start SpamAssassin : spamd -d -u spamassassin --min-children=2 --max-children=10 -x -r /var/run/ --socketowner=filter --socketgroup=filter --socketmode=664 --socketpath=/var/run/spamd.sock

spamd will send messages like this : spamd[16437]: prefork: child states: II

II means the two children are idle

There are several status : I : idle S : starting K : killed (you should not get that one I guess :)) B : busy

If the number of max children is too low, you'd get this message in the logs : spamd[13052]: prefork: server reached --max-children setting, consider raising it

Well if you get that message, it's pretty self-explanatory.. raise the max-children value