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date: 2006-11-17 10:30:25+00:00

'Windows Server : don''t ever change your admin password !'

categories: - Windows

I guess when you pick up an administrator password on a windows server machine, you've got to stick with it until the end of the world.

For security reasons, I changed the administrator password. It is like 16 character long now.

After rebooting the machine : - MS SQL was not starting

It had been set up in NT services to start from the administrator account (don't ask, I didn't set it up that way, a company did). It didn't notice the password change and could not start

  • As a result, services relying on MS SQL could not start either : antivirus, time allowance system, WSUS ?

Ain't that great ?

  • Veritas Backup can't connect to its own localhost server

It asks for the credentials but won't let me input more than 12 characters in the password box !

More to come ?

I wish I could dump that Windows machine off the network !