RHEL package management


Compilation of most common commands dealing with package management.


Install up2date -i package

Show packages groups up2date --show-groups

Install a package group up2date -i @GROUP_NAME (e.g. : up2date -i @GNOME Desktop Environment)

up2date sources specified under /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources


Install yum install package

Get info yum info package

Remove yum erase package

Check if update available yum check-update

Find package providing the file yum whatprovides /some/file

Clean all yum caches yum clean all

Yum sources specified under /etc/yum.repos.d/


Install rpm -ihv package.rpm

Reinstall an already installed package rpm -ihv replacepkgs package.rpm

Update rpm -Uhv package.rpm

Remove (–nodeps will break dependencies) rpm -e package (--nodeps)

Find dependencies or** find which package a file belongs to** rpm -q --redhatprovides missing-dep-file.so.2

Find which package owns a file rpm -qf /usb/bin/vim

Get info. use -qip if getting info from a rpm package rpm -qi(p) package(.rpm)

List packages installed rpm -qa

Sort rpms by installation date rpm -qa --last

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