Setting up NIS under CentOS 4


Server : server.lab.local ( Client : client1.lab.local (

Server side :

Packages needed : yp-tools ypbind ypserv portmap

Edit /etc/yp.conf : domain lab.local server server ypserver server

Following this scheme : domain ${domain} server ${host} ypserver ${host}

By default /etc/ypserv.conf is ok.

Edit /etc/sysconfig/network and add : NISDOMAIN=lab.local

At the prompt : `# domainname lab.local

Still under the prompt : service portmap start chkconfig portmap on

Start the NIS server : service ypserv start

**Make sure it’s actually running : ** # rpcinfo -u localhost ypserv

Output should look like : program 100004 version 1 ready and waiting program 100004 version 2 ready and waiting

Build the NIS maps : /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m There you should specify the machines that will run a NIS server, when done hit ctrl + D

Start ypbind, yppasswdd, ypxfrd : `# service ypbind start

**Make sure the required services will start at boot : ** for service in ypserv ypbind yppasswdd ypxfrd; do chkconfig $service on; done

Client side :

Packages needed : yp-tools ypbind portmap

At the prompt : # authconfig or # system-config-authentication

There you should select “Use NIS” then select “Next” Then fill in the required info : Domain : lab.local Server : server.lab.local

Click OK

Your client machine should be properly configured and attached to the NIS server now. Verify with : client1# rpcinfo -u localhost ypbind

Then, check the NIS server map with : client1# ypcat passwd

You should see the list of accounts on the NIS server.

Make sure the needed services will start at boot on the client : for service in portmap ypbind; do chkconfig $service on; done

Edit /etc/hosts and add : server.lab.local server This is very important, for some reason, after setting up NIS auth, when pinging “server.lab.local” it was actually pinging the localhost. (if someone has a clue as to why it does that, drop me a line. I sniffed the traffic and noticed some NIS traffic when trying to ping the server)

Now, back to the server side !

Adding new users to the NIS server :

server# useradd account server# passwd account server# cd /var/yp server# make

Make will update the NIS maps

More info :

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