Another review of Ubuntu 7.04


I freshly installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my Toshiba laptop. I first tried to update it but I was getting some slowliness issues for some unknown reason.

Let’s start with the cons :

The pros now :

Conclusion :

The most usable Linux desktop I had to use so far. Things just work. They fixed the most annoying bugs I was encountering.

Seahorse is to me the nicest addition to the system.

There’s a foreever bug in Gnome (Bug 310809) that I’d like to see fixed soon.

An annoying forever bug in tsclient (Bug 8422)

I’d love to see a better Bluetooth integration. Mac OS X is above anything else when it comes to Bluetooth stuff (at least with Sony Ericsson phones). iSync and Bluetooth manager are doing such a great job in sending/receiving SMS, transfering files, syncing address book, etc. I’d just love to receive SMS notification popups on my screen and be able to reply right from that notification window, just as if it was an email. Bluetooth under Windows XP is still lame. It is nowhere under Linux.

Some interesting Bluetooth links explaining how easy it is under Mac OS X and how I’d like to see it running under Linux :,115279/article.html

My laptop now only has the Ubuntu system installed. Windows partition gone :)

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