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date: 2007-08-02 19:16:28+00:00

'Ubuntu 7.04 : my personal repository list'

categories: - Linux

I'll try to keep my custom repository list here, among the usual universe and multiverse repositories :

`# Canonical commercial (vmware, etc.) deb feisty-commercial main

Subpixel font rendering

deb feisty fonts deb-src feisty fonts main

Google repo

deb stable non-free


deb feisty eyecandy deb-src feisty eyecandy

Ubuntu Studio (theme, icons, etc.)

deb feisty main deb-src feisty main

Avant-Window-Navigator (bugs !!)

deb feisty avant-window-navigator deb-src feisty avant-window-navigator

Pidgin for Feisty

deb feisty multiverse deb-src feisty multiverse`