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date: 2007-08-02 13:37:30+00:00

'Ubuntu 7.10 Alpha 3 : small fonts in Firefox'

categories: - Firefox - Linux

Fonts are smaller in Firefox than under Gnome.

If you want to fix that small (and hopefully temporary) issue, under Firefox type in the URL bar :


Then in the filter box, search for "dpi"

This will filter out the value "layout.css.dpi" having a default value of "-1"

Change that value to "0" and restart Firefox, the fonts will be the same size as under Gnome.

Edit : Apparently, it is fixed in apha 4.

Edit 2 : issue back in alpha 5 (upgraded from alpha 4)

Edit 3 : Tim is reporting the issue is not present on a fresh alpha 5 install...