Courier-imap RPM for CentOS 5 (i386 + x86_64)


Someone asked for help about installing courier-imap under CentOS 5.

I made the RPM for him and thought I would share them here.

The whole thing is packaged in a tar.gz

Courier-authlib Version: 0.59.3 (22-Apr-2007)

Courier-Imap Version: 4.1.3 (22-Apr-2007)

Download :

Packages tested and working.


Charles has been kind enough to build the RPMs for the x86_64 architecture and share them.

Courier-authlib Version : 0.60.2

Courier-Imap Version : 4.2.1

Download :

I wasn’t able to test them, use these at your own risk.

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