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date: 2007-10-01 11:25:32+00:00

Intel Pro 1000 generating gratuitous ARP traffic

categories: - Networks - Windows

Finally, I have decided to take 5 minutes and focus on the gratuitous ARP broadcast issue I have with our Windows 2000 server (Fujitsu Siemens server).

The problem is described here :

I have installed Wireshark on the Windows box, had to reboot (oh !) to get it working. Thanks to Wireshark, I figured out the gratuitous ARP traffic was generated as some lower level than Windows.

Indeed, the whole network is seeing the gratuitous ARP broadcast except the Windows box. Conclusion : the broadcast is not generated by the OS but probably by the hardware itself.

I have checked the BIOS for any interesting setting but I don't find anything relevant. The BIOS is really minimal actually.

I found another person having the same issue with the same network interface :

I will avoid Fujitsu Siemens for servers in the future : cheap RAID controller (Promise), Maxtor drives, minimal BIOS, etc.

Next : figuring out why the Windows printer spooler randomly stops working (printing blank pages actually), restarting the service fixes the issue..... (edit : seems fixed by updating the drivers while the changelog didn't mention the issue, damn HP)