Belgian eID under Ubuntu 7.10


I had almost forgotten that I was offered an eID card reader by our Federal Public Service FINANCE, a few months ago when I went up to their offices to get some info.

I decided to give it a try tonight.

The sticker on the back of the reader says “ACR38U-SPC-FDT (FW104)”.

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I first blindly tried to install some packages (beidgui to read my card info) but ran into several problems.

beid :

When running beidgui, it was not even listing the card reader in the options tab.

Running from the CLI, I was getting the following error message : Error: can’t open /var/run/openct/status: No such file or directory

If I was starting beidgui using sudo, the card reader was listed correctly.

At some point I also got the following error in beidgui : “Error : Wrong Root Certificate”

The card reader was also detected as another reader for a while.

I removed every packages and was about to give up when I finally found the answer that made things work out of the box at

Packages to install :

sudo apt-get install libacr38u libacr38ucontrol0 beid-tools pcscd libpcsclite-dev beidgui libbeid2 libbeidlibopensc2

After installing these, I was able to read my card under beid.

**Firefox : **

In order to access websites working with the eID, you need to load the PKCS#11 module.

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Encryption > Security Devices > Load

Module name : “Belgium Identity Card PKCS#11” Module filename : “/usr/lib/”

Restart Firefox when done.

The card reader MUST be plugged before starting Firefox if you intend to access a website requiring access to your eID.

Interesting links :

This last link is interesting and requires your eID, you can see a lot of stuff the government stores about you (driving licence, passport delivery, etc.).

I even found a mistake in my file, I’m living in an apartment and the previous tenant is listed in my family description… Our public services are not at the edge in every fields.

Thanks for reading this post!

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