sudo password timeout


By default, sudo keeps the password in “memory” for 5 minutes (at least under Ubuntu).

If you want to change that value

$ sudo visudo

Add the following line before the other “Defaults” line : Defaults timestamp_timeout=2

Or simply append “timestamp_timeout=2” to the existing Defaults line like : Defaults !lecture,tty_tickets,!fqdn,timestamp_timeout=2

This will set the timeout to 2 minutes…

Set to 0 to always require the password Set to “-1”.. you will only have to prove you know the password once.

Options on the Defaults line are system-wide settings.

If you want to apply settings to particular users add : Defaults:johndoe timestamp_timeout=-1

If you don’t want to be prompted for the password at all, you must have a rule like johndoe ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/mount

This would never require the password for the command “mount”.

If you don’t want to ever be asked for the pass when using sudo :


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