Overscan problem connecting a MacBook unibody to Sony Bravia LCD HDTV ?


Today I connected a MacBook Unibody (13" and 2,4 Ghz CPU) into a 40" LCD HDTV (Sony Bravia KDL40L4000) using a MiniDisplay Port to DVI connector, a DVI to HDMI converter and a 5 meter long HDMI cable.

I ran into an “overscan” problem. Overscan means edges of the image are not viewable on the HDTV, which is pretty bad when you maximize a window.

Found the answer online here :


Basically :

On the Bravia I selected MENU > Settings > Setup > Screen Settings > Display Area

It was set to NORMAL I changed it to FULL PIXEL

Done !

And for those doubting (you know who you are ;) ), the MacBook can play full HD (1080p) videos on the LCD without troubles (the MacBook comes with a Nvidia 9400M 256MB).

Thanks for reading this post!

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