Importing certificates on Android (CA and client)


Tested on my HTC Hero running Android 2.2.1

They do not make it terribly obvious, so I believe this is worth a post.

Android will not import CA cert in the PEM format, you’ll get a “no certificate to install” message at some point.

You actually have to export a P12 certificate containing the client certificate and the CA.

Use this command : openssl pkcs12 -export -in clientcert.pem -inkey clientcert.key -certfile cacert.pem -name "VPN" -out clientcert.p12

Drop the resulting file (clientcert.p12) at the root of your sdcard.

Go under Settings > Location & Security > Install from SD card (under the section “Credential storage”).

After a few questions, you’re ready to go and you can proceed with the configuration of your Wi-Fi or VPN client (in my case WPA Enterprise Wi-Fi and OpenVPN).

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