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Migrating my website (again)

Date: 2015-08-15

In the first half of this year, I migrated this site from Wordpress to Scriptogram. is tightly integrated to Dropbox, which means if you want to have two blogs running the same platform, you should have two Dropbox accounts.

It was my case, and I never really got it to work properly on two Dropbox accounts, let alone one. had many sync hiccups. The project felt pretty dormant actually.

I wanted to achieve something that would be as easy as possible, I'm often on the road and I want to publish things as soon as I think of them.

My requirements were:

- articles should be plaintext
  - stored on my private cloud
  - synced with my devices (phone, computers, tablet)
  - language should be markdown (many editors available on different platforms)
- website should be in Python or PHP
- preferably, as soon as I save the file in the editor, it would automagically appear online.

I've been thinking about coding something myself based on PHP Markdown.

Then I found Wikitten. Installation took less than 2 minutes.

The whole workflow goes like this: - Create or edit file on the client: - Macbook: Atom - Android: Writeily Pro

  • As I save the document, it is saved automatically in my private cloud.
  • My phone picks up the file as soon as it connects to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Foldersync detects the change and sends the change over SSH to my VPS.
  • The page is online.

As you will probably notice, they are a few formatting issues for now (especially with lists). I use the Tidy markdown package with Atom, it is supposed to fix markdown properly as soon as you save the file, but there is a bug for now.