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Gotify: a self-hosted push notification app

Project page

Source code

Gotify is:

  • a simple server for sending and receiving messages
  • self-hosted
  • free and open source under MIT license
  • a simple API
  • a simple GUI
  • written in Go
  • building docker images at every release

It comes with a nice Android application available on the Play Store and F-Droid, that listens for events over a websocket.

I have been using it for about 10-12 days now, without noticeable impact on battery.

It is easy to send messages to Gotify:

$ curl -X POST "<apptoken>" -F "title=my title" -F "message=my message"
$ http -f POST "<apptoken>" title="my title" message="my message"

The token can be generated from the GUI.

Your Android will immediately notify you of any message.

The developers are very active, looks like a promising project!


Up until now, I was using Simplepush, which is basically the same concept but sends messages to Simplepush servers.

Also the Android app is not open source

Being not self-hosted you don't control your data, and the developer can turn off the service overnight.