libvirtd won't start with --listen option on Fedora

If you have always passed the --listen option under /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd and you can’t get libvirt to listen on a recent Fedora install, read on.

Fedora has changed the way to start libvirt in listen mode.

The new way is to not touch /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd at all, and use libvirt socket services: systemctl enable libvirtd-tls.socket; systemctl start libvirtd-tls.socket.

You can keep using the “old” way by setting --listen in /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd but before running systemctl enable libvirtd.service; systemctl start libvirtd.service you will need to mask socket services:

systemctl mask libvirtd.socket libvirtd-ro.socket libvirtd-admin.socket libvirtd-tcp.socket libvirtd-tls.socket

The new way currently has a bug and libvirt would only listen on the IPv6 interface:

I suggest you stick to the old way then :-)


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