Home Assistant + Conbee 2 Zigbee Gateway + Xiaomi Button + Zoneminder + LaMetric + Telegram = a smart 15 euro doorbell

So you want a smart doorbell? I have wanted one for a long time.

My expectations:

My problems:

This is the end result, a notification in a Telegram group:

A notification on my LaMetric smart clock:

The clock will display a “Someone is at the door” message in a loop until I tap the button at the top of the clock.

Want the same setup? Read on!

First, I’m definitely lying on the 15 euro click-baity statement.

If you don’t already own all that stuff I used to achieve this project you will end up with a couple hundred of euros/dollars bill:

Check those links to learn more:

Also, if you don’t own all that stuff already, do you really want to create and run such a complex infrastructure just for your doorbell use case? Probably not.

I happened to own everything already besides the Zigbee gateway and the button, and my server runs 24/7 so that was an inexpensive addition. Also I have learned about Zigbee on the way!

Lastly, make sure that Zigbee devices you buy are compatible with the Conbee 2 gateway. You can search here: https://phoscon.de/en/conbee2/compatible

My button is the WXKG01LM model.

Home Assistant (HA)

I will assume you already have Home Assistant or Hassio running.

Conbee 2


Make sure to plug your Conbee 2 into a USB cable extension, and not directly in the back of your machine. I have read here and there that plugging directly in the back of your machine reduces the range of the device.

This is important especially in my case since my home server is in a rack and this would suffer from a faraday cage effect.


My home assistant/hassio runs in a VM.

Attach the USB device to the guest.


You will need to install the deCONZ add-on in home assistant.

deCONZ will allow you to configure new Zigbee sensors.

Install deCONZ and make sure it will start at boot:

From the left menu open up the deCONZ menu, and you will see two options:

Choose phoscon.

You need to pair your button with the gateway.

I won’t provide a full step by step screenshot tutorial here as it is pretty easy to achieve.

Pairing a new device requires you to click the reset button on the button, and tell the gateway to scan for new devices.

If pressing for 5 seconds on the reset button doesn’t work, try a short press. Make sure to stand close enough to your gateway.

The end result should be this:

Now if you go in the Configuration > Integration, Home Assistant should suggest to enable the deCONZ integration:

Enable it and it should report 2 devices, the gateway and your button.

Listening to Zigbee events

If you press on the button, events will be sent on a deconz_event.

You can see those by listening to the events under Developer Tools > Events in Home Assistant:

The event number corresponds to a specific action on the button.


Any press always triggers an event 1000. Keep this in mind for your automation.

If you need to debug deCONZ add the following to your configuration.yaml config file in Home Assistant:

  default: info
    pydeconz: debug
    homeassistant.components.deconz: debug

Now create a new automation in HA.

Your trigger will be the event on deconz_event:

The notification on Telegram is done through a service.

Follow the instructions here: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/telegram/

You can use your new notification:

You can see how I attach a camera capture in the Telegram message. Just provide the correct URL and it will just work.

I also have a LaMetric notification in place, as you can see in a picture at the beginning of this post.

You have the possibility to push messages to your LaMetric clock through an integration:


In my configuration.yaml I have:

  client_id: XXXXXX
  client_secret: XXXXXX

    - name: lametric_1
      platform: lametric
      lifetime: 20
      icon: a7956
      cycles: 0
      priority: info
      icon_type: none

Note: You can obtain your client ID and secret on https://developer.lametric.com

In my automation notification, I override the icon and priority there:

service: notify.lametric_1
  message: Someone is at the door
    icon: a24087
    cycles: 0
    priority: normal
    icon_type: none

Obviously you can implement any other type of notifications. LaMetric and Telegram are good enough.

I didn’t use Gotify this time because I needed to attach the capture to the message. Gotify can only show images from remote URLs. My Zoneminder is not opened to the world for obvious reasons so I went with Telegram.

Also I created a Telegram group and put my girlfriend and myself in there. My girlfriend gets notified as well now.


I mostly struggled with Phoscon initially because I was discovering the Zigbee world.

I also struggled with the Conbee, because it got disconnected from the VM after a firmware upgrade and didn’t notice immediately.

Ever since I stuck the button to my door, it has not failed once.

I will keep an eye on the battery. Xiaomi says the battery should last two years. I put the button at the door 15 days ago and the battery went from 100% to 94%. It seems to decrement by 3% at a time. Or maybe it gets updated only when the button is pressed? Not sure.

When it comes to rain, the Xiaomi button is NOT rated for those conditions, but I have read a few comments on Reddit from people using the button for two years in British weather. I think it’s going to do fine, I will report back if it doesn’t survive its first downpour.

One of my problems was that I didn’t want to rely on clouds. I do: Telegram and LaMetric. I could use Gotify but I wouldn’t get the picture attached to the notification which is something I really want. Also, I’m not that bothered with Telegram API today. I can always change the notification system should my opinion of Telegram change.

One of my main concern was the speed of notifications:

Please reach out in the comments if you need help implementing something similar!

Thanks for reading this post!

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