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A markdown based wiki about Linux, Open source, VoIP and other geeky stuff.

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Why a wiki? Why markdown?

I've been running this website since 2005. I've mainly used Wordpress during that period. The main problems with that solution was spam and security. I couldn't keep up. On the other hand, Wordpress was bloated for my need. I just wanted to publish things quickly, somehow editing on Wordpress can be cumbersome.

I changed from a blog to a wiki in July 2015. My workflow is this: - all the articles are stored on my laptop and mobile devices in markdown format - I edit them in Atom editor on the Mac or Writeily on my Android devices - when a new article is saved or changed, my private cloud client will push it to my Android phone - as soon as my Android phone gets the file, it triggers a sync with my webserver - the article is published instantly

It is very convenient to have all that documentation in markdown format on your computer. You can grep, sed, awk the hell out of them.

About me

I like building simple, powerful, resilient and secure infrastructures. Preferably based on open tools and protocols. Privacy is a main concern.

When I'm not on a computer, I travel, hike, camp and take photos.

I work in Brussels, Belgium.


If you want to contact me, just look me up.